What to do if you do not have a job...

Analyzing sites for employment research, we can conclude that nowadays the demand for work greatly exceeds supply from employers in Lviv. But despite this fact, people are not very active in job search.

During the last period, the labor market in Lviv continues to dictate new terms for those who just start the job search and for professionals with huge experience. We note increase in cases when people start looking for a job when they lose it being completely unprepared for this.

How to find a job in Lviv?

There are different ways of job search. But candidates who already have experience in job hunting usually use

two basic rules for search:

  1. to look for a job as active as possible,

  2. to use as many ways as possible.

Where to look for a job in Lviv?

Methods how to find a job in Lviv are universal, and to find a good job you should use all means:

  • Search through friends
  • With a help of employment agencies (personnel, recruiting agencies ...)
  • Newspapers and print media
  • Internet sites for job search
  • Search of employers in your field

How candidates are massively cheated in Lviv?

The experts of "Duokom" company, that deals with monitoring the labor market and communicate with potential candidates, observe not very positive trends both from the labor market and potential candidates. 

For example, on the internet sites for job search there are a lot of employers who not really look for future employees, but only earn on candidates. 

Thus, the 25 - year old Maria, an accountant by training, says the following:

  • «I posted my CV on a popular site for job search. Firstly I was impressed being immediately called by the personnel manager and invited for an interview in a new, modern office that was recently opened in the center of the city. But my good impression quickly evaporated when during the interview I was asked to pay immediately a certain amount of money for the training in their company». 

30-year-old Vasil, a customer relations manager shared his experience in job search:

  • «Eight years ago, without any experience I actively tried to find a job on the labor market in Lviv. My search continued for a long period of time because there were always strange firms that advertised one thing and actually offered completely another - to distribute unknown perfume or tea. After this difficult chain of interviews, finally I found a good job. Now while working, I have realized that I had a burnout in my workplace and I was even ready to change a job. However, having posted my CV I meet the same strange employers that at the very beginning of my career.».

From the employers’ point of view?

Experts from HR-department of "Duokom" company share both their own experience and expertise of their partners: 

  • «Despite a stable difficult situation on the labor market, which has been lasting for two years, people's consciousness does not change. A phenomenon becomes paradoxically when bad weather or a series of personal problems is the reason why candidates may ignore an invitation for an interview or even probation period»
  • «Experts emphasize that the potential searchers should understand that the market is full of qualified experts and professionals. Do not wait for the appropriate season or a series of proposals, from which you would choose the best. You need to turn up your sleeves and bravely run into competition understanding that your experience, persistence and dedication are the best factors that help you to find a good job on the labor market in Lviv».