Company news

On the eve of the Easter, employees of all departments of the company joined their forces and organized Help those in need cooperative event that included cleaning the territory of boarding school No. 100 for children with impaired sight. Thus, the event for collection of funds and also warm communication with school children was held under the initiative of administrator of lease department Oksana Klymovych.

After that, we decided to write a few words about this event and take comments in our employees, who shared their impressions with us. We published an article on our website without intent to advertise ourselves. We want to think that probably this article will inspire people to good things and help for those in need or will just remind that there are children and people, who need our support, and we should remember about them.

Oksana Klymovych, administrator of lease department:​ 
«I have participated in such event for the first time. My emotions vary – pleasure, because every child isfull of optimism, confident and hopes for bright future, shortcomings of eyesight for them – it is not a verdict, this is a test of strength; at the same time, it is sad that most of them never seen how the sun shines and what beauty surrounds them around in their short life. I am happy that we brought smiles and little gifts in their house, and helped them prepare school territory to holidays.». 

Olia Chekh, realtor of lease department:

«Сharity is not only financial assistance, but also physical assistance. I got very positive impressions from visiting; also I was impressed by learning process: schoolmasters take care of the children and want to give them the best education. Despite everything, they study with a smile on their face and seek to achieve something in this life and soar to new heights. We were upset because the territory which we had cleaned was dirty, but it is good that there are people, who are ready to help those, who need it.». 

Andrii Vasylechko, realtor of sales department:

«As for me, charity means feeling yourself a part of a good deed, helping children in the least. I responded to this event with pleasure, helping to clean the garden for children. In future, we should take part in such events more often because assistance to those in need is very important. All were satisfied because we could contribute to a good deed for a short time.». 

Bohdan Chikh, realtor of lease department:

«Helping others in need, especially children, is a good deed. It was unusual for me and I was a little by the way these children study. I have never thought that they read so easily by encircling letters by their fingers. I have had an opportunity to see this for the first time. They are positive, rejoice from life and we have also recharged positive energy and gone to clean the garden. It is pleasure that in such a difficult time we could help and greet children with Easter.» 

Mariana Saksonova, director of lease department:

«This charity event gave us only positive emotions. We were amazed that children and schoolmasters are very positive; they have active position in life, in spite of their shortcomings. We had an opportunity to communicate with children, and they told us with pleasure about their life, how they study, write, read and their future plans. It is a pleasure that all offices of Duokom took part in this charity event for helping those in need. I hope that it is not our last visiting in such places, because assistance is very important and brings only positive emotions.»

Every day we are busy with our work, troubles, ordinariness and problems.

But sometimes we should remember that there is something more.

As far back asancientness, people realized that only goodness may save the world, because all the good things, sincere, happy begins from it.