How to pass a job interview

What annoys HR managers at an interview?

Searching for a job is a process, which consists of from several stages, one of which is passing an interview. To avoid failure at an interview, the candidate should know not only, which behaviour he should adhere to at an interview, but also know his own qualities, which may help him get a desired job.

Familiarity, exaggeration, untidiness are the only part of factors, which may negatively influence a positive result. Labour market experts decided to reveal the secrets of talent acquisition and huge mistakes of candidates at an interview:

9 tips for a successful job interview

Tip 1 – do not talk about privacy.

At an interview, you should not say that you have been looking for a job for one year and that your time schedule should be 10:00 am till 05:00 pm because you want to spend more time with your friends and your soulmate.

Tip 2 – order in social media.

You should notpublish photosfrom an exciting holiday in Carpathians or regular parties with friends in social media. You should make sure that your online life will not have a negative impact on an interview result.



Tip 3 – do not exaggerate in your CV.

You should not describe your entire life and use popular words such as able to work under pressure, goal-oriented, responsible in your CV – the HR manager will check this on his own. How to fill in the CV correctly? – navigate to



Tip 4 – don’t be persistent.

Do not call your HR manager every hour to find out about your employment, but most important, do not come every fortnight and ask When can I get down to work?orWhen will you have an open vacancy for me?.


Tip 5 – forget about negative approach.

Do not say that your previous supervisor was terrible and how much you did not like your colleagues. In addition, do not demand information about who was your predecessor and why he has left his position.


Tip 6 – ask correct questions.

Where is my desk?What is my time schedule?When do I have vacation? If these are your first questions just after you get a job, you will have to look for a new job. First of all, the HR manager expects you to love the company, regardless of little things, such as time schedule. More appropriate would be to enquire about the company’s business.


Tip 7 – appearance.

You should not wear a T-shirt you have worn for ten years because you consider it your talisman and the most important for passing an interview. Familiarity. If an HR manager is your peer, you should not have talk to him as to your friend. A few rich jokes and lines would not go amiss, but you should not go beyond the limit and ask some intimate details. 



Tip 8 – concentrate and be attentive.

Every third person on labour market is unable to write the name of a company or vacancy correctly.
In addition, do not forget to indicate your contacts in an application form that you fill in before an interview. 



Tip 9 – Do not lie and exaggerate.

Of course, each of us tries to show the best of ourselves.Sometimes we forget and describe ourselves better than we are. You should not say that you read two books a day and work late without weekends – this scares off.