Real estate market has always been interesting for different types of swindlers. Even 10 – 15 years ago these scams were very popular; nobody would tell us that there are no risks nowadays. Sometimes swindlers invent cunning schemes of cheating to earn easy money, but sometimes they recourse to most obvious schemes.

There are 5 the most common and simple ways of cheating with real estate you can face nowadays.

Top-5 simplest scams onreal estate market:


One of the most popular methods of earning for swindlers. It is usually common on the market of residential lease. The scam is built on conducting contracts of leasing out apartments by people, who are not owners of the housing. Meanwhile real owners may not even know that their apartment was leased out.


Other popular way of fraudulence is sale or lease of real estate to several people (for lessees or buyers) at the same time. Again, it is usually made by forging of documents on an apartment and passports. 


The way of cheating, when the owners of the sold real estate agreed on a contract under pressure or property that is sold is under arrest or pledged. Such real estate is usually sold for low price and buyers often let their guard down and neglect housing verification in a hurry.


Swindlers often use different schemes that are related to advance payments. Sometimes, swindlerstake an advance payment from few customers or lessees and disappear with money.


The scheme works provided that a swindler gets a large amount of money. He offers a lessee a real estate for monthly lease for low price, but he should pay a large advance payment (for example – a year in advance). What is going on after the swinglers get money– we may only guess.

            There are also other scam ways for cheating sellers and buyers of real estate, which may be more thorough. To avoid being a victim of swindlers, you should be attentive and cautious at every stage of lease or purchase of an apartment, even if you do not see any danger at first sight.

            It is known that swindlers usually avoid real estate agencies in conducting of fraudulent schemes. Extrawitnesses and issues and realtors’ attention reduce probability to catch a naive client and earn black money on operations of sales or lease. Therefore, swindlersusually do not involve any intermediaries.