You've been trying to lease out your apartment for a month. Do you have a lot of viewing of your apartment but each potential lessee comes away none the wiser?

Maybe the problem is in discrepancy between the actual state of real estate and declared price. But it is not a reason to reduce the lease!

Of course, you're accustomed to your apartment that has sentimental value for you.

But does the potential lessee see the same picture with you? 

The lessee, who is tired of the endless search of an apartment, once again enters dirty shabby entrance, goes into elevator covered with chewing gums, he looks for the doorbell of the apartment in semi-darkness hoping to find the own nest even for a while. 

The door opens only in 10 minutes ... A plump woman wearing a bathrobe and hair curlers stands at the door, and an angry dog jumps behind her trying to test the visitor. The review starts.

In the hall the potential lessee sees semi-darkness and mountains of boxes. At the threshold - a puddle, about the origin of which it is better not even guess. The apartment is full of persistent smell, as a reminder of the pet, thinly veiled with cigarette smoke. 

In the kitchen cockroaches dance "Polka" among dirty dishes and crumbs of bread. Toilet tank in lavatory is without a lid, and clothes dry on the rope in the bathroom,   broken mirror is on the wall. Chandelier in the room expired leaving a piece of once sympathetic ceiling as a remembrance for a careless mistress. Couch did not stand the four-legged friend's jumps, and taking a knee, bended down.

The potential lessee claps the door regretting for wasted time.

He is fastidious perhaps...

Perhaps all of the above is an exaggeration, but in fairness it must be said that the half of the described picture is not a rarity.

Of course, no one says that before you lease out your apartment, you should do a complete renovation. It is too expensive. But what makes sense is to evaluate fairly the advantages and disadvantages and if it is possible you should smooth the disadvantages- it is obvious!