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Give Happiness to a Child Charity event dedicated to the day of Saint Nicholas, Duokom together with Naberezhnyi Kvartal.

There are so many children in the world, whose hearts are bereft of a parent's love and family warmth. Children with physical disabilities, who face their problems alone, suffer even more. Assistance to children is one of the priority areas of charity work of Duokom. Our company continues assisting those in need.

Thus, on the eve of Saint Nicholas Day the employees of Duokom have joined Give Happiness to a Child charity auction of dates, which was organized by Viktoriia Solska, manager of Naberezhnyi Kvartal (Lviv).

The auction included collection of funds for financially disadvantaged children of Lviv region. The fact that director of lease department of Duokom, Mariana Saksonova has participated in this auction and received the highest amount among the large numbers of participants, was a pleasure for the company.

Within the framework of the Give Happiness to a Child charity event Duokom jointly with Naberezhnyi Kvartal (Lviv) did the following:

  • Visited special boarding school No. 101 for deaf children and gave presents from Saint Nicholas Day.

  • In addition, children with special needs, who study at Tavor centre (NovyiRozdil), and children from financially disadvantaged families of Zhovkva also received gifts.
  • Saint Nicholas also visited children, whose parents died in ATO


Photo: V. Kovtun, director of Duokom     

Campaign for raising funds on gifts for children with Mriia TRC

     But assistance for children does not end here. Because thanks to the initiative of Oksana Klymovych, administrator of lease department, employees of the company raised funds and bought gifts for children with special needs through their own efforts. On December 19 the employees of the company together with the general manager of the company, Vitalii  Kovtun visited Mriia Training and Rehabilitation Centre, which received gifts from Saint Nicholas..

Assistance for children left an imprinton the employees of Duokom:

Mariana Saksonova, director of lease department: After the end of the auction, I am very glad I have participated in it and thusI could bring goodness and pleasure to children. After visiting the special boarding school for children with impaired hearing, I understood that regardless of our every day work and problems, we should remember about those, who need our assistance, attention and love. Thank everyone, who helped give happiness to children.

Oksana Klymovych, administrator of lease department: My brother – an orphan, my parents take care of, is our family member. When observing his expectations and perception of holidays, special consideration to everything what is going on in such days, I may not stand apart from assistance to children. In spite of moral difficulty of staying in orphanage, I have felt pleasure from organization of a small celebration for children.

Vitalii Kovtun, general manager of Duokom: Duokom always responds to requests about assistance and support. We should give an opportunity for children to believe in miracles, and Saint Nicholas allows adults make these miracles come true. This year, we together with colleagues of the company shared pleasure and happiness of children, who received gifts, and it was the biggest pleasure. I am sure that we will give back to the community in future.

We celebrate Saint Nicholas Day by helping others!

"Duokom" company

Letter of acknowledgment from Mariia Pokrovy boarding school: