"Duokom" in the mass-media

We never see their faces, often we can not stand the moments when they try to take a few minutes of our time, though we sometimes need their help more than anything. Their ideal voices are able to help us or to annoy. We appeal to them with problems, and another time we take our anger out. It is referred to operators.

Journalists of 24 Channel decided to interview call center operators of Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways), Lviv tram depot, "Duokom" company in order to learn about their responsibilities and features of the profession.


Anatolii Hryniokh, a call center operator in "Duokom" company.   

What do call center operators say and how do they see the client?

We decided to talk with the employees of the call center to understand their work from the inside.

Kseniia Sapriianchuk, the head of call center in "Duokom", helped us.

What will be your advice to operators, after journalists go?

Every day I support operators and give them advices. Every day I recommend them to "stock up" with good mood even when a difficult client calls. While working I wish them never give up, always improve themselves and work on themselves. There are no limits of perfection, and the work they do must bring a result. I wish our employees to use their knowledge and experience they acquire at work in all situations of their life.

One of the best workers of call center in "Duokom" Anatolii Hryniokh also shared his experience with us.

Have you ever had phone calls from the customers that you remember?

Every client is special and memorable in his way. I recently had one client who wanted to chat only with girls. As soon as I picked up the phone - he just hung up on me :)

Do you worry about your customers, about their situations or needs? 

Emotions at work are not a right thing. I do my best to understand a customer, to fill in information they tell as accurately as possible.

How do you manage to be always positive during communication with customers?

First of all, it is our team. The people I work with always have a good mood. My colleagues always smile, and they are ready to support me at any time. And also I just love my job.

Most likely you would never meet the people who own these mysterious voices of Lviv, but certainly you will hear their voices on the phone, after the tone...