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How to rent an apartment: looking for an apartment in Lviv – general guidelines

Would you like to deal with real estate agency or without any intermediaries?

  • If you have to rent an apartment urgently, it is better to contact a real estate agency directly. No matter how many newspapers with advertisements you buy and no matter how many website portals you browse, a good agency will have a larger database. Moreover, the bigger the database, the higher the probability to rent a cheaper and better apartment. If you do not have enough time and do not want to take effort for searching, you should fully rely on the realtors.
Would you like to try your own opportunities and search without an agency and an intermediary’s assistance?
Then do not wait and play along, as you will have to compete with the market full of clients and intermediaries also looking for real estate. The search for direct offers of apartments from owners may not be as easy as it may seem at the first sight, therefore you should have enough time to have a choice between some variants of rent.


So, what are the rental prices and where to find them?

  • When asking your acquaintances, who rented an apartment earlier, remember that the prices are rising. If your acquaintances rented an apartment a year ago, do not expect for the same price, as most probably, you will be charged more money for the same quality of the apartment. You may find the information on approximate prices on the photo advertisements on the Internet (starting prices may significantly differ from the actual prices, therefore the picture will be not objective enough). You may receive more exact prices in a real estate agency, on the websites of the agencies or on other analytical websites.

Looking for an apartment in our own sources or on the real estate market?

  • All friends and acquaintances will promise to find out who rents what and where from their own sources. However, it is well known that many people do not like to contact with acquaintances and their acquaintances – they feel uncomfortable solving financial issues using any personal relationships. Therefore, the probability of finding an apartment is not high, but it is worth trying such searching option as well.

Where to look for an apartment? Choosing a district

  • The centre of the city is, of course, comfortable in terms of commute: you may get to the centre from many streets of the city faster. But remember that the closer to the centre, the more expensive the apartment. Remote districts have approximately the same price (except for the most remote districts). Of course, you will find the cheapest offers of rent in very remote districts.

Advertisement on real estate: information concealed by the owners and intermediaries:

  • After a repair. When the advertisement says that an apartment is after a repair, clarify, how much time has passed after the repair and what means the word “repair”.
  • In a good condition: every owner of the apartment interprets the words “in a good condition” in its own way. It is preferable to clarify this as well. Manypeoplecall this way any apartment the walls of which have not fallen down yet.
  • Possible bargaining. If you find the words “possible bargaining”, start to bargain directly over the phone. As a rule, people expect that after you arrive and have a look at the apartment, you will regret for spending your time and you will make a concession. And over the phone it is immediately understandable by what amount they may reduce the price. 
  • Owner. Remember that you rent not only an apartment for a definite period, but also the attention of its owner. Probably, this period of rent you will have to deal with monthly inspections of the apartment, you and your private life by the owner, calls from the owner, if a neighbour does not like you, with questions if your guests come over, with problems if you take a cat accidentally. Situations are different, and the owners of apartments are different too.

How to save money to rent an apartment cheaply?

  • The smaller the area of the apartment, the cheaper the apartment. Besides, take into account the utility bills.
  • It is hard to lease apartments without an elevator above the 4th floor, therefore they cost cheaper.
  • Apartments without furniture may cost cheaper than furnished ones, therefore you should consider that option.
  • The further from the centre, the cheaper. Usually, prices for square meters of real estate are expensive in the centre.

How to rent an apartment: for the minimum price

  • Do not place to much requirements, if you have a small amount of money at your disposal. You risk delaying the search for a long time by sorting out many advertisements right a way.
  • The cheapest option for the tenant is to rent housing, where the owners live. Such rent will cost in by two-four times less than a whole apartment.

The popular fraudulent scheme to coax you out of your money for rent:

  • If the so-called information agency you are offered to choose a few addresses and asked to pay a certain amount in advance, even a small amount, end the phone call (or turn around and go away). It is the most popular fraudulent scheme to coax you out of your money. Nobody will appear at the addresses, as noone leases apartments there, and you will not be given your money back.
  • Who pays what the utility bills: for what pays the tenant, and for what pays the owner?
  • Utility bills are different, so clarify what should be paid by you and what should be paid by the owner. If you do not agree about this at once – maybe, you will have to pay all the utility bills.

What costs will the tenant of real estate bear?

While scheduling an apartment rent in your budget, remember that apart from payment for the first month of rent, you will be probably be charged for the following:
  • Pledge for property. Owners of an apartment insure themselves in case of any problems caused by you.
  • Lease payment for another one (two-three) months in advance. In case you leave the apartment without notice.

Insure yourself from the visits of the lessor without notice:

  • Find out in advance, when you will get the keys, and after paying the money clearly demand that you do not want the owners come to you without calling and, moreover, in your absence. This point is not as obvious as you think.

Getting acquainted with the owner of an apartment (real estate):

  • As a rule, when arriving to have a look at an apartment, you have to answer a few questions about yourself. This often becomes a tea party or you are even invited to stay for a dinner (lunch). It is a good sign that the owners like you, but remember that you are going to rent an apartment, asnd not to make friends and fellows.

To not delay the time – make decisions quickly:

  • If you are pleased with an apartment, do not take time. By showing doubts and promising to think and call back, you already risk hearing the following day that an apartment has already been leased. And if the price is low – for a few hours.

Do not ignore the lease contract:

  •  Without a contract you may legitimately be left without housing and money back in any moment.

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