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Accounting and legal services

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Accounting and maintenance

The list of our accounting services:

  • consultation on tax bookkeeping and accounting;
  • consultations on optimization of taxation;
  • analysis of accuracy of accounting documents;
  • settlement of taxes and charges within the legal framework;
  • recovery of accounting and tax bookkeeping;
  • control of accounts receivable and accounts payable; 
  • processing the primary documents, and analysis of accuracy of their filling;
  • settlement of wage and processing the documents required: payroll records, paysheets, settlements of holiday pay and sick pay, etc.;
  • assistance of tax inspections;
  • passing the planned comprehensive inspection;
  • accounting subscription service of enterprises from different spheres of activity on an ongoing basis; 
  • other services from providing the comprehensive and partial Accounting Outsourcing



The cost of services

No.   Name The price of service per month
1   Record keeping for entrepreneurs  
    SINGLE TAX PAYERS of the 1-3 group  From 500 UAH.
    General system without VAT From 700 UAH.
    General system + VAT  From 1200 UAH.
    The submitting of annual accounts for entrepreneurs withdrawn from the business   150 UAH.
2   Record keeping for corporate entities   
    SINGLE TAX PAYERS of the 3 group  From 700 UAH.
    General system without VAT From 1200 UAH.
    General system  + VAT  From 2200 UAH.
    General system without activity 300 UAH.
3   Consultations

300 UAH.



Legal services

Registration and liquidation of the subjects of economic activity




  • Enterprises (Limited Liability Company, Subject of Economic Activity (Individual Entrepreneur), Private Enterprise, Public Joint Stock Company, Superadded Liability Company, Unlimited Partnership).
  • Consolidation of enterprises / citizens (association, corporation, consortium, concern, holding company, local civil society organization, local charity (fund, mission, league, etc.), cooperative, apartment building co-owners association. 
  • Registration of a Limited Liability Company, Private Enterprise – 1,500 UAH.
  • Registration of aIndividual Entrepreneur – 500 UAH.
  • Registration of a subsidiary enterprise – 2,000 UAH.
  • Registration of a public organization – 5,000 UAH.
  • Registration of a charity fund – 5,000 UAH.


Liquidation of Subject of Economic Activity


1. The main steps of liquidation process:

  • Making decision liquidation.
  • Appointment of a liquidation commission.
  • Entering in a public register of information about beginning of liquidation procedure. 
  • Providing appropriate documents for tax service.
  • Tax inspection of enterprise to check the availability of debts before budgets.
  • Closing abank account.
  • Liquidation of stamps and seals of an enterprise.
  • Preparing and providing the documents, according to these documents the enterprise is removed from the Unified State Register. 


2. Liquidation for 3 days

By changing founders (owners)


Changes and additional services

: Within the changes and additional services we offer legal assistance the following registration acts:

  • Confirmation of form No. 6 – 170 UAH.
  • Changing the Ukrainian Industry Classification System – 850 UAH.
  • Changing the director – 1,000 UAH.
  • Changing the legal address – 1,000 UAH.
  • Changing the founder – 1,000 UAH.
  • Changing the authorized capital – 1,000 UAH.


Our company also provides legal consultations on property rightand representation in courts, drafts contracts for the customer.

Please call us (direct line):  +38 098-191-85-95

Our manager will provide consultations and discuss the conditions of cooperation. 

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