1. We register a request.

  • Registration of a request with an operator is free of charge and it takes up to 3 minutes, during this time we will try to define characteristics of your real estate. You may register a request by calling any contact number of the call centre.  

2. Waiting for a call. 

  • Immediately after registration our managers will beginto search for a potential lessee for you. We have the biggest database of clients on the real estate market in Lviv, therefore we may respond quickly and bring the first clients as soon as possible. We will maximally comply with your vision of a perfect lessee and your conditions of lease.

3. Go have a look.

  • Our managers will discuss on the arrangement of visit to your real estate with you.We will arrange a meeting and a visit and will help you negotiate with a client. All visits of objects will be free of charge for you. 

4. Signing a contract. 

  • You will meet a lessee and make a final decision, if he agrees to lease. We will help you conclude a real estate lease contract or an advance payment with the lessee. If necessary, we will prepare a non-standard contract,prepare and provide other documents, certificates, prepare a translation of the contract into a foreign language. We will also arrange for non-standard settlements, settlements between individuals and legal entities.

5. Payment.

  • We are pleased to inform you that our services are free of charge for you.  


Welcome to the office.

In the office you may not just place a request, but also receive answers to all your questions and consultations with a cup of flavoured coffee.
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  • +38 098 498 44 14
    +38 096 350 40 96
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