We provide consultations and the assistance on the real estate market of Lviv on issues of real estate purchase and sales.

For free and for an unlimited period of time.

  • We provide any consultations and help, assistance and answers on the issues related to sales or purchase of real estate to all our clients.

On all issues on the real estate market:

  • On MARKET: market environment, traditions on the market.
  • On PRICES: payment per square meter, dynamics, price trends, further forecasts, specificity of pricing…
  • On DOCUMENTS: preparation of documents to a contract, verification of documents to a purchase and sales contract.
  • On LEGAL issues which arise or may arise while selling or buying the real estate.
  • On ASSISTANCE issues.

Consultations and the assistance from specialists:

  • a practitioner lawyer in the sphere of real estate purchase and sales, expert with many years' experience of selling real estate (the head of real estate purchase and sales section of Duokom company), leading notaries of Lviv, representatives of banks, and other specialists.

In the department of real estate purchase and sales

  • The departments of real estate purchase and sales are located at:
    5 Vitovskoho St., Lviv (facade entrance – Duokom company).
    30 Kulisha St., Lviv  (3 floor)
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  • +38 098 498 44 14
    +38 096 350 40 96
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