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Independent expert evaluation of real estate:

  • apartments, commercial properties, lands, and other real estate.
  • expert evaluation for selling the real estate.

To receive an expert evaluation:

  • Contact us:

call us or use our Online Assistant to order the feedback.

  • Welcome to the office:

we are located at:

  • 10 Vitovskoho St., Lviv (Duokom company - department of real estate purchase and sales).
  • 10 Zamarstunivska St., Lviv  (Duokom company - department of real estate purchase and sales).

We provide an expert evaluation:

  • Quickly (if  the deadline is important for you – the evaluation will be held as soon as possible)
  • Flexibly
  • For the best price

The cost of the expert evaluation of real estate:

The cost of the evaluation constitutes from 1000 UAH and it is determined on a case-by-case basis according to:

  • deadlines (as soon as possible or for unlimited period of time),
  • object of the real estate under evaluation. 

Documents required for evaluation of the real estate:

  • passport and ID code of an apartment owner

(if there are several owners, then passports and ID codes of all owners)

  • Entitlement documents on apartment

(ownership certificate, purchase and sales contracts, endowment, replacement, inheritance within the legal framework, inheritanceaccording to the testament, etc.)

  • Extract of register the right of ownership
  • Technical certificate for an apartment
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  • +38 098 498 44 14
  • +38 096 350 40 96
  • +38 098 498 44 14
    +38 096 350 40 96
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