1. We register a request for sale. 

  • Registration of a request with a call centre operator takes up to 3 minutes, during this time we will try to define the general parameters, characteristics and your starting price of real estate. You may register a request by calling any contact number of the call centre.  
  • Sometimes at this stage our clients - owners need previous consultations as to prices, procedure and stages of sale, documents and their preparation, legislation. We understand the real estate agency's work in the field of purchase and sales is very responsible. Therefore, such consultations you will be provided in our sales and purchase division. 

2. We begin to look for a buyer.

  • Our several colleagues work with each our client in several stages, their competencies conform to a certain stage of work. Sales managers coordinated by administrators provide offers of overview to interested buyers and visits to your real estate. Our administrators arewell aware as to existing demand on the market.

3. Go have a look.

  • We will arrange meetings and visits to your real estate with all our interested clients. If photos, technical plan and video materials are available, we will previously show you an apartment as photos. All of the work will be held for you for free.  

4. The buyer is ready to buy. 

  • After object waschosen by a client, a director of sales and purchase department or a lawyer will hold negotiations, bidding, consultations, preparation for the sale, the sale itself, conclusion of an advance payment and other further steps that require other competencies. 

5. An advance payment / preliminary contract / negotiations.

  • We understand that your safety is our reputation. Therefore, we always focus on holding qualitative preliminary negotiations, verification of documents, and preparation of a master contract.

6. Master contract.

  • The final stage of buying real estate is also held withthe participation of a director of the department or a lawyer, who closely cooperates with leading notaries of Lviv and has many years' experience in sphere of real estate purchase and sales. 

Welcome to the office.

In the office you may not just place a request, but also receive consultations and answers to all your questions with a cup of flavoured coffee.

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  • +38 098 498 44 14
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