Any way you slice it, people are driven by emotions and you as a lessor may and should use this. You should demonstrate all your imagination here, because any little thing may be significant in making a decision: flowers in a hallway, a friendly concierge, bright lighting, even a nice smell in an apartment. 

     People often pay attention not only to the condition of an apartment, but also to an entrance hall and elevator. Because this is where the first impression about the object is formed. Also, lighting plays an important role not only on a staircase, but also inside an apartment. Rooms will seem more spacious, if the lighting is sufficient – you should not economize during showing. Spaciousness also depends on the quantity of furniture and things in an apartment; therefore, it is better to take away extra things. Remember to clean the balcony.

     The period of showing an apartment should depend on the location of house and the view from the windows. If you do not hide anythingandthe view from the window is one of the strong suits of your apartment – it is more reasonable to invite a lessee in daytime, while the apartment will lookmore favourable in sunny weather. In the evening it is better to show an apartment overseeing the street and lighted with romantic lights, and the wall in front of the house will not be visible.

And the most surprising thing is that such a little psychology reception as pleasant and cosy home smell may influence making a decision to lease your apartment. Here it depends on the abilities of every person – make coffee, bake cakes; the most important is that a visitor will feel like home. 

9 tips of preparing an apartment for showing:

  1. Lighting – turn on all the light in the premises (screw in all bulbs),in daytime open all curtains, because sunlight or more intense light will add fascination to your apartment.
  2. Smell and coffee effect — You should air the whole apartment. You should make aromatic coffee or light an aroma lamp with softaroma.
  3. WC. You should consider the condition of toilet and bathroom very carefully. You should repair all defective taps that leak. Tubes, bathroom fixtures, bathroom and toilet bowl should be in perfect condition. People often begin their viewfrom these premises.
  4. Kitchen. You should thoroughly clean the kitchen. A clear and cleaned kitchen will win the heart of a future lady of the house.
  5. Balcony, entresols. You should be ready to show a closet, an entresol, a balcony, etc. and you should clean them in advance.
  6. Clean apartment – clean all rooms from extra things. You should do a small repair of furniture, repair handles on the doors and windows. You should clean up wet.
  7. Free space effect. You should create free space in rooms: pull back overall furniture to the wall, the centre of room should be free.
  8. Overshoes. You should put overshoes at the entrance, and also prepare a basket for dirty overshoes.
  9. Owner of an apartment. Owners of an apartment should make an impression of friendly and nice people because a potential lessee will definitely pay attention to you.

Showing an apartment to potential lessees is the most important stage in the process of lease. A mistake at this stage may lead to a loss of potential client. Professional realtors are convinced: you will not have a second attempt to change the first impression.

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